The Gourry/Zel Romance Page


Some people will call me insane, but it seems to me that of all the Slayers hook-ups, the most LIKELY besides that of Lina and Gourry, is between Zelgadis and Gourry. Really. All you have to do is watch the series for evidence. And they ARE kinda cute together, don't you think?

 Zel: NO!!!!


Point number one: Often when levitating, Gourry hangs onto Zelgadis.

Point number two: Gourry has a little Zelgadis doll stuffed into his bra when he's in drag.

Point number three: When Phil yells at the two guys near the end of the first series in that underground place, Zel flinches towards Gourry.

Point number four: In that same sequence there, at one point Gourry is on all fours with Zel behind him… and then a little later, Zel is sitting on the floor with his head at Gourry's crotch-level.

Point number five: Gourry hides behind Zel when they find Tiba.

Point number six: This picture:

Points numbers seven and eight: There are these two pictures, kindly donated by Mizel-san.

  Notice the hand on waist…?

Point number nine, donated by Gene-san: In the first series, at the very end, Gourry and Zel look at each other smile, shrug and THEN take off after Lina.

Point number ten: You know that scene in the second series where we get to see Zel in the bath with the metal brush? Well, I noticed something there. Gourry gives his clothes to Martina-in-disguise, then goes into the bath. You hear him say "Zel, don't get out I'm just coming in" and after Zel protests once you hear lots of suspicious splashing noises….

Point number eleven (donated by D-san): In the third NEXT tape, after that Ashford guy kills the lake dragon, we see Gourry on the forest floor on his tummy. What exactly is Zel doing standing behind him with Gourry's legs held in the air? And here's the pic for that one, donated by Dira-san!

Wonder why Zel looks so happy, ne?

Point number twelve (donated by KC-san): In the second NEXT tape when Martina places that curse on Lina she states that she and Gourry are engaged. Zelgadis is the first to react to this news, jealously asking "When did THIS happen?"

Point number thirteen: In the third NEXT tape Gourry and Zel are sitting alone together at a table while discussing Prince Phil. Lina and Amelia are at another table, leaving the two boys alone for a little privacy no doubt…

Points fourteen and fifteen, donated by Washu-chan: "I have one just off the top of my head. In the 'Forbidden Dance' episode, while Lina and Amelia are looking for the nape of the lady's neck, Gourry and Zel are sitting together. Lina confronts them about not helping, to which they reply they'd take care of the newly arrived bandits while the girls go ahead. They seemed very dissapointed when Lina blew all the bandits away so quickly. Planning a little personal time, without the girls?

*Boy's agenda*

1. Send girls ahead.

2. Fight bandits

3. (I can only imagine)

  1. Catch up to girls.
  2. Sound logical? Then, when the girls are facing off with the twins, the boys stay out of it, and stand close together.

Also, when Zel says or does something inappropriate, it's Gourry who reprimands him. Like when he comments on how much trouble seems to follow Amelia's family in the second season."

Point number sixteen: (donated by DrkPiccolo-san) In the last ep of the second tape of NEXT we see Gourry and Zel sharing a nice romantic bottle of champagne.

Point number seventeen: (donated by Dira-san) "In Next, when Lina & Amelia argued about which restaurant they were going to eat, Zel agreed with Amelia & Gourry agreed with Lina. Then Amelia stormed to the fish restaurant on the left, while Lina stormed to the meat restaurant on the right. Then Gourry & Zel stood there STARING at each other for a moment... before following each girls.... *ehem*... silent goodbye, perhaps ?"

This isn't really a point, but rather a suggestion made by Argente, the Squidlady. " There's a lot of debate out there, and a number of shrines, in fact, concerning whether Lina ought to hook up with Gourry or Zel. In light of your suggested couple, the resolution to this debate becomes clear. Why not a polyamorous relationship? Everybody likes each other, all the otaku are satisfied, and if we're feeling really adventurous we could make it an open relationship and toss in occasional liaisons with Xelloss. (and/or Naga? Amelia? Shilfiel? Firia? Ought to have a good male/female balance.)"


I'll add more 'evidence' as I find it… If you have any other examples of Gourry/Zel, e-mail me! I'll give you credit, of course. The addy is

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