Harukami's Parody Industries Presents

In the spirit of Pinky and the Brain

Touga and the Setokai!

It's Touga and the Setokai!

Touga and the Seitokai!

One's a group of weirdos!

The other's openly bi!

They bear the seal ring!

Duelling is their thing!

They're Touga and the Seitokai!

Before the night is done

Their plan will be unfurled:

By the dawning of the sun,

They'll revolutionize the world.

It's Touga and the Seitokai,

Touga and the Seitokai,

It's Touga... Touga and the Seito

Kai kai kai kai kai!


Scene: A random elevator somewhere in the evil depths of Ohtori Academy

Touga: If the chick does not break out of its shell, it will die without truly being born. We are the chik, the world is our egg. If we do not break out of our shell, we will die without truly being born. SMASH the world's shell.

Touga, Juri, Miki: For the revolution of the world!

As they step out of the elevator, a young man holding a butterfly net, who has cool hair and glasses and really big shoulders chases a depressed-looking bishounen, a cute girl, and a young monk. They circle the chair where Saiounji is sitting and eventually run off the edge of the balcony

Saiounji: Took you long enough to get here. He plays with some fuzzy dice

Touga: You never use the elevator. How DID you get up here?

Saiounji: he's suddenly wearing goggles and a scarf In the car that runs through the end of the world.

Miki: clicking stopwatch The car.


idly The car.

Touga: Lucky bastard. He waves a checkered flag But I get free rides.

Saiounji: Free?!

Miki: starts up a remote-controlled car Free.

Juri: watches the car Free.

Touga: It is of no matter. As you have heard ... uh... everyone has failed to retrieve the Rose Bride.

Saiounji: he smashes his fist on the table and the remote controlled car jumps over it Damn it!

Touga: I have recieved a letter from End of the World. We are not strong enough to destroy Utena in a duel.

Saiounji: knocks the controls from Miki's hands. The car keeps running Curses!

Juri: blows a whistle as the car crosses a finish line

Miki: clicks stopwatch

Touga: So End of the World has given us a secret strength.

Juri: You don't mean...

Miki: Impossible!

Saiounji: That's an amazing idea, Touga!

Touga: to Saiounji, very seriously Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Saiounji: I think so, Touga, but will she really fall for that old 'laxative in her food' trick?


Miki: clicks stopwatch

silence. The remote-controlled car drives itself off the edge of the balcony and smashes

They're Touga, they're Touga and the Seitokai!

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