Xelloss: Ahh, welcome, welcome! You're just in time for the 3 millionth annual Mazoku Picnic! We have on every Halloween, and it's always such a FUN occasion! Look, there's Deep Sea Dolphin! HEY DEEP SEA! How's it going?

Deep Sea: Bring me… dancing frogs! All hail the imperial pudding! There are lizards in my pants…

Xelloss: Uh… I'm fine too. Oh look! There's Gaav, horking down enough potato salad to choke a horse. And there's his faithful lapdog, Valgarv! Look at what a cute couple they make… Gaav inhaling the salad, Val tenderly wiping flecks of potato from his master's bushy eyebrows… *sigh* Ain't love grand? Hey guys! What's up?

Gaav: *looks up, snorts and goes back to the potato salad*

Val: *snarl* Fucking fruitcake…

Xelloss: Will I see you guys at the pumpkin-carving contest later? *ducks as a bowl flies by his head* Okay, until then!

Look out, low flying lesser Mazoku. I swear, they out to have leash laws…

Ah, there's Phibby on the playground again. Every year he makes a beeline for the swings you know. Makes his minions push him. Oh, would you look at that? Dinner is almost ready! What are we having this year, hmm…? *sniffs* Ah, crab! ^_^

Shaburanigdo (piece 3): What the HELL?! Is this somebody's idea of a JOKE?! CRAB?!!!!

Dynast: I'm sure nobody meant anything sir…

Shaburanigdo: Yeah, right, my ass! Xelloss, I'm looking in your direction you fruity little fucker!

Xelloss: Me? I'm afraid I don't understand. Why would I want crab for the main course?

Shaburanigdo: You idiot! You know damn well I look like the main course at Red Lobster!!

Dynast: Wouldn't that be LOBSTER, not crab?

Shaburanigdo: Shut up, brat! Somebody better get me a freaking steak right the hell now!

Xelloss: ^_^ Mistress!

Xelas: Hello pet. I agree with Shabby, where the hell is all the red meat?! I hope this isn't one of those rip-off 'kill your own' deals… I'm wearing my best skirt!

Xelloss: And what a lovely view it affords, Mistress!

Xelas: Thank you, Xelloss.

Phibby: Would everyone PLEASE stop taking the name of my playground in vain?!

Val: Aww, go to hell, pip-squeak!

Phibby: SEE?! That's what I'm talking about!

Val: Shrimp!

Phibby: Bootlicker!

Xelloss: He licks more than boots…

Val: *weird flush*

Gaav: Pass the potato salad…

Deep Sea: Divert executioner... four letters, three letters…


I wanna try again

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