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The World Is... - Harukami's "BESM" page

Velvet Nights - Neko's "Theatre des Espoirs" page

Velvet Rose -Lyra

Disconnect -Sussex/boi

Neko's Lair -Neko

the Wayside Slayers Inn -the Writer


Strange Tastes Mailing List -Run by Meg-san. I am a memeber, Lyra is a member... you can imagine the shit that goes on.


Darkness Rising -massive fanfic archive

the Lord of Nightmare's Demon Shrine

Rurouni Reika Cafe

The Two-Faced Trickster

Sedalia's Slayers Page -Sherra shrine

VenusIce's Slayers Page -Dustballs!!!!

Ground Zeros

Makoto-chan's page

Bakuretsu Hunter

Mirai's World -BH fanfiction, all yaoi. Go here and read 'Adiemus' as it is the BEST BH fanfic I have read yet. It actually made me cry, and I HATE to cry.

? -I dunno the actual title of this page, but it's got general info, manga scans and more links than I do

Katchan's Fanfiction -Some BH fanfiction, all of it yaoi I believe. (Go Mirufi...)

Sorcerer Lair -more fanfiction and other assorted goodies.

Bishounen no Miko's Shrine< -has the Marron no Miko's Bakuretsu Hunter Hall

Marron Glaces -Ever think Marron-chan is good enough to eat? Heh. Now you can. ^_^

Bakuretsu Hunter Fanfiction


The Dark Kingdom Love Revival -Sailor Moon with a touch of acid.

The Garden of Desire Original Yaoi fiction.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena

Blood Soaked and Honour Bound

The Utena Encyclopedia

Themes of Revolution -mp3s

Campus Lyrics

Various Anime

Theresa Ann Wymer's Fanficiton Page - Great random series fanfiction. Also known as Foxwoman, and hangs around this page.

Kashue's Kingdom -Record of Lodoss War

the Last Unicorn -anybody else remember this movie?

Otaku Girls' Anime Shrine

Phoneixfeather's mp3 Horde -this girl is very nice. ^__^

Anime Nation -free e-mail and junk.


Rotten Dot Com

Engrish.Com -aheheheh... funny.

Spirit Online

FUF's boards -belongs to a friend of mine.

Brainfreezy -JTHM