Dust of the Moon

A Sailor Moon/Please Save My Earth crossover by Harukami

PART 1 - A New Wave

Author's note: Ok, I've been told by some of my characters that I'd better put some warnings.




Haruka: phew...

Harukami: Um... sorry about that. OK! The warnings!!!! This chapter contains Yuri, Rezu, f/f... whatever you call it, it's a sexual relationship between two girls. No LEMON!! I repeat, this is not an H anime... if you want that, go elsewhere.

Michiru: Ara... I wonder who the characters you were warning about are...

Haruka: Yeah... I have no idea who it could be.

Harukami: Um... yeah, guys. Hokay. What else... uh, most of this chapter is just retelling of the basic past-life story lines to set the stage, but it unfortunately is necessary to the rest of the story.

Haruka: Been there.

Michiru: Done that.

Haruka: Died the first time.

Issei: Er... am I supposed to be here yet? *blushes and looks around*

Harukami: Oh yeah!!! Thanks for reminding me. It also ontains shounen-ai... a desired sexual relationship between two bys... (often one way)

Issei: *sniffles* Gyokuran...

Harukami: I own none of these characters.

Haruka: Hurrah! *raises champaigne glass to Michiru* She can't keep us forever!

Michiru: Cheers! *clink*

Harukami: and here is a description of characters, because they all have several identities:

Michiru: Sailor Neptune

Haruka: Sailor Uranus

Issei: Enju (a woman telepath scientist, loves Gyokuran)

Jinpachi: Gyokuran (in love with Mokuren)

Rin: Shion (pretending to be Shuukaido)

Haruhiko: Shuukaido (pretending to be Shion)

Daisuke: Hiiragi (team leader)

Sakura: Shusuran (best friend of Enju)

Alice: Mokuren (beloved by all)

Michru: Ara... who's on first?

Harukami: What's on second?

Haruka: I don't know!

Issei: Third base! *blushes as all look at him*

Harukami: ........................anyways, on to the story no da! C&C are drooled over no da!

Chichiri: Hey, that's my kasa no da! *takes it and disappears*



Michiru nudged her partner. "Haruka. Look over there."

The blonde glanced over. "Eh? Oh." Michiru was indicating the slumped figure on a park bench.

It was a young man, no more than early high school age. He was slim, and his black hair, carefully parted, fell just over one eye. A black turtleneck sheathed his upper body. The most noticable thing about him, however, was that he was crying.

"Poor kid," Haruka muttered, and started to walk again. She was jerked to a halt by Michiru's deathgrip on her arm.

"Haruka!" Michiru exclaimed impatiently. "It's our job to make things right in the world, ne?

"Aa," the blonde admitted reluctantly.

"So we should at least try to make things right with the people as well as the land."

"I guess." Haruka shrugged. "I just don't feel too comfortable prying into other people's business."

Michiru tugged on her partner's crisp jacket sleeve. "If I hadn't pried into yours, where would we be today? He doesn't need to talk, but at least we will have tried."

Haruka stared at her in mock horror. "You mean you want to be there with him?!?"

The aqua-haired beauty elbowed Haruka. "Haruka..."

She rolled her eyes and laughed. "Hai, hai."

The two walked over and the young man quickly stood. "I'm sorry, did you want to sit here? I was just leaving." He concealed his tears well, like he'd had much practice at it.

"Actually, we wanted to talk to you," Haruka told him.

He blinked blue-violet eyes. "Me? Do I know you?"

Michiru smiled. "No. That's why you might be able to tell us what's wrong. It's a huge city, so chances are, you'll never see us again. Therefor, it's pointless for us to judge you. And maybe talking about it will help, ne?"

"A...aa." He kept his eyes lowered.

The two girls sat, leaving him room to run if he needed to.

"Well?" Haruka asked after a minute.

He shook his head suddenly. "I can't! You'll think I'm insane!"

Michiru chuckled. "Trust me, we've lived long enough that we maynot. Try us."

Keeping his voice low, he began. "My name is Issei... I'd rather not give my family name. For years I've been sharing dreams with my best friend, Jinpachi. In these dreams, we are two of seven scientists dwelling in a base on the moon and studying Earth. I am Enju, a female,soft-spoken scientist. Jinpachi is Gyokuran, who's secretly in love with one of the other scientists, Mokuren. The others are Shusuran, Shion, Hiiragi, and Shuukaido, the doctor. We watch Earth constantly, love the Earth almost more than our home planet. Even Shion, who claimed only to care about Mokuren, nothing else, cares. When our home planet gets into a war and is destroyed, the Earth and each other are the only things we have left.

"Enju is in love with Gyokuran.

"I never mentioned this to Jinpachi, of course. But he eventually found it out, when we both began to dream of Enju and Gyokuran as lovers. Jinpachi laughed it off, because that's the kind of person he is. That was around the time that we found the girl Mokuren was reborn as. We put ads in magazines and eventually found the other four. We learned, our dreams having not yet gone that far, that a disease broke out and killed us all. As far as I know, and I'm no doctor, the disease was capable of surviving without carriers and is still up there.

"And I, with the heart of Enju, am in love with Jinpachi. The one time I tried to show him, kissed him," Issei angrily wiped away tears, "I managed to laugh it off as a joke... some joke. And I know he doesn't believe me! It's killing me!"

Michiru put a hand on his shoulder. "Don't give up. Never give up. Iif you give up, you'll never have a chance. Chase him until he's forced to face you and then give him the choice."

"Oi, Michiru, why does this plan sound familiar?" Haruka asked dryly.

"It's how I caught you, itoashii."

"Thought so."

"Oh." Issei's eyes widened as he looked at the two girls. "Oh!"

"Hai," Michiru laughed, then her expression grew serious. "Did you find any... ruins on the moon?"


"It's ok, Haruka. And if what I think could go wrong has, then we'd need to reveal our secret anyways. Besides," Michiru smiled, "the ocean tells me to trust Issei-kun like he trusted us."

Issei gazed from one to the other, bewildered. "Ruins? Well... my memories are more emotional, but I seem to remember ruins of some kind of... palace or something. And some kind of seal on the ground..."

Michiru nodded. "Sou ka. That palace was the centre point for the Silver Millenium, a peace of 1000 years from what would have been 0 AD, the birth time of Christ, to 1000 AD, the coming of the Dark Ages. There was peace between all the planets in this solar system, although the Earth was always a little rowdy for obvious reasons. The people from the other planets and the moon were near-immortals, ageing incredibly slowly, although they were able to be killed, and for some reason the Earth natives didn't have this ability, excepting for some reason the royal family. Wherein comes the next dilemma: The princess of each royal family from the planets possessed the ability to become soldiers, senshi to protect the Tsuki no Princess and the kingdom, and to the Earth royals was born only a son, no daughter.

"Eventually, led by a truly evil woman, the Earth civilians rebelled. In the resulting war, the civilisations were all but wiped out on the other planets, leaving only empty palaces floating high above the planet's surface. The final battle was on the moon, and all the senshi fought to no avail, slowly dying on the battlefield. When the Queen saw her daughter and the Earth prince, Endymion, secretly the Tsuki no Princess's lover, lying dead on the field, she sacrificed her life to send them, the senshi, and the few still living to Earth to be reborn a thousand years into the future. Then, the final senshi, the senshi of ruin, Sailor Saturn appeared and destroyed what was left of civilisation on the moon so that their advanced knowledge wouldn't get out. Without it, Earth descended into the Dark Ages.

"In this past life, I was the Princess of Neptune, and Haruka here was the Princess of Uranus. We were in love but were stationed guarding far apart and our duty came first.

"When I awoke as Sailor Neptune in this life, Haruka hadn't awoken yet. I looked for the princess and found someone running away from destiny..."

"Oi!" Haruka protested.

"Well, it's true. I confronted her several times and finally told her how I felt. And here we are!" she smiled. "Persistance has its merits."

Issei looked up, rage in his eyes. "Persistance might lose me my best friend!"

"It could," Haruka agreed. "However, how close are you now?"

Issei slumped.

"Not trying means that you don't stand a chance of losing something," Michiru said. "But you don't stand a chance of gaining anything, either."

The boy sighed from deep inside him. "I know..."

"Issei-kun?" Michiru's voice was very, very serious. "What is the chance that the disease is still active on the moon?"

"I-- I don't know, I'm not a doctor. Why?"

"Because some of our people have been back to the moon in the last few years."


Haruka looked at Michiru sharply. "You don't think that... the Neo-Queen!" Haruka began swearing under her breath.

"But if she hasn't shown any signs of illness..." Issei put in hopefully.

"But we are a race of immortals. Even if it doesn't kill us, we could be carriers. And that disease has been spreading here on Earth... you know the reports say it started in Tokyo..." Michiru trailed off.

"No." Issei's hands were shaking. "Oh no. Not again.."

"We have to see this doctor of yours!" Haruka shouted.

"Well," Issei hedged, "There's a meeting -- we meet now and then -- but it's really for us only... and I usually don't go to them anymore..."

"You are going, telling them we are coming, and letting us in," Haruka told him on no uncertain terms. "Our duty to this Earth comes before anything. And unless you want to see everyone dying around you..."

"All right!" Issei shouted, and the two girls knew that that had hit a nerve. He told them the address, then left in a hurry.

Haruka laid a hand on her partner's shoulder. "Come on, Michiru. We have to make plans for Tuesday with Setsuna and Hotaru."



Michiru's eyes were closed and the wind rustled slightly through her hair. "The ocean is getting uneasy. I have felt it before but shaken it off. This new wave is larger than ever and not the type of thing we know how to fight. The stakes are so high and we don't know how to fight it..."

"We'll figure something out. Together." Haruka wrapped her arms around the young woman. "Together we've faced death and together we'll find a way."


Harukami: Sorry about the stilted ocean speech, but she does talk

like that.

Michiru: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Haruka: I think it's sexy.

Michiru: Mou...

Harukami: So that's why.

Issei: Ano... ano... is this going to have any Jinpachi/me scenes or is it going to end as miserably as it did in the OAVs and the mangas?

Sakura: Hey!!!!

Harukami: *turns into Xellos for an instant* Sore wa Himitsu desu! *pop, and she's back*

*Issei backs away. Haruka and Michiru are used to Harukami by now.*

Haruka: No doubt you're going to make me advertise you like always.

Harukami: If you would.

Haruka: No, I don't think I will.

*Harukami begins getting out pen and paper.*

Michiru: What are you doing?

Harukami: Slashing your koibito with Seiya-kun. Nothing personal.

Haruka: K'so! Do you fanfic writers think you can get away with anything?!?

Harukami: Just about. Yes, that sounds about right. So, what is it, advertisement or intimate moments with the 'wolf' as I believe you once called him?

Michiru: Her.

Harukami + Haruka: Whatever.

Haruka: Fine fine. Email this nasty writer with comments and criticisms... heh heh, lots of criticisms. Her email address is haruka_lover@hotmail.com... whatever she means by that, the psychopathic...

Harukami: Oops! Called me names! No Michiru tonight!

Michiru: So why do you have something against me? This means I'm not getting any either!

Harukami: Well, I'm not taken!

Voice from behind her: Oh, really? *heavy sarcasm*

Harukami: *paling* Just kidding, of course. Perhaps instead of going against you, Michi-san, I could... yes, that's definitely an idea...

*begins typing something new*

Michiru: Wha-- *she is now clad in a skimpy leather dominatrix outfit and holding a whip. She runs her fingers over it thoughtfully* No whip. I don't want to actually hurt her. Just torment her. FOr a long time.

Haruka: *gone pale* What are you doing?!?

Harukami: *grin* A new meaning to the anachronism for the name of this anime: S&M!

Haruka: *Backing off... she sees herself as the more aggressive and normally Michiru supports her delusions* Can't we talk about this?

Michiru: *low chuckle*


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