The Blind Woman

Author's notes:

Harukami: Oh, lookie. A ficcy. A serious ficcy. And it's not yaoi.

Xelloss: sarcastically Oh, lookie. A ficcy-author. A brain-dead ficcy-author. And it's not sentient.

Harukami: blows raspberry You're just jealous because Family part 3 isn't steamy enough for you.

Xelloss: Revise it.

Harukami: Nope. Uh-uh.

Xelloss: Booming voice, raising staff Revise it. As your master, I tell you this.

Harukami: gulp Yessir.

Haruka: I'm your god, and I tell you to write a lemon with me and Michiru!

Harukami: I don't do them yet! And you're not Slayers, what're you doing here? And as to being my god, that's not official until the Miko Directory gets back to me.

Haruka: Huh. Kids these days have no respect.

Michiru: Ara, now who's sounding like an old woman?

Haruka: Get off my back for that comment!

Michiru: It's not your back I want to be on.

Haruka: interested Oh, really?

Harukami: AHEM! Back to the Slayers fic. Jeez, another character I'd never thought I'd write as POV. But she's so badly received by the fanfiction world, I thought I'd give her a chance. Valgarv, hit the lights.

Valgarv: o.0 I'm not sittin' in a dark room with THAT thing. pointing to Xelloss

Xelloss: puckers lips and makes kissing noises

Valgarv: furious Ya 'yarou! I oughta...

Harukami: SIL! Hit the lights!

Silhouette: nods Okie-dokie. Munches on natchos. Lights go out without her touching them

Valgarv's voice: Aw, shit...

Harukami: ROLL IT!


Suddenly, I'm hurting, the pain firing through my body in a narrow line. As, stunned, I feel blood follow it out, I realize what has happened.

He has betrayed me.

My levitation spell gives out as my will is no longer enough to hold me, and I fall. The outer pain is disappearing now, overshadowed by my inner pain.

He has betrayed me.

I can feel warmth against my back, but I am still cold, so very cold, inside and out. Wetness, smelling like copper. Ah, that would be blood. My blood.

How much blood was spilled for him?

Dimly, I can still see him. He is watching me with those mismatched eyes, one beautiful, as the true Rezo's must have been, had he been able to open them, the other...

I was no copy specialist, but I knew chimeras. I was not quite sure enough to try to build a new Rezo from the few hairs I had, but those few hairs and a piece of a human-shaped Mazoku to give it strength could make a fantastic Rezo-chimera, an ADVANCED copy, if you will. I'd thought it would never show, but I saw it as soon as he opened his eyes. That awful, yellow, Mazoku eye. Not my Rezo, not with that eye. But I was too desperate, too willing to pretend he WAS my Rezo, no matter what.

Is that where I went wrong?

Or did I go wrong by even wanting to remake him?

Because... it wasn't him. However much love and desperate hope I had, it couldn't be him, because he could open his eyes. He couldn't understand the thing that ruled Rezo's life. And I hadn't realized it.

However blind my Rezo had been, I'd been blinder.

It was... just a copy. No matter what I did, he was always just a copy.

They're talking; I must have said that aloud. A spell is gathering in the copy's hands.

I love him. Not it, it's just a copy, I love HIM. But I could never... he never knew, I never...

The spell is speeding towards me. I wish that Rezo would shake me awake now. I'd open my eyes and there he'd be, brows creased in concern over sealed eyes. "It's all right, Eris," he'd say. "It was just a nightmare, my little one. Just a nightmare, and it's over now."

But instead the spell tears through me, burning me completely away. "REZO-SAMA!" I scream.

And suddenly I'm free. I am floating above the scene, still able to see what is going on, but the colours are strangely muted, no sound making it through. All the people glow, Copy Rezo and Lina the brightest, then Zelgadis, and Amelia, and Sylphiel. Gourry himself barely glows as he confronts the copy, but his sword burns with a light unlike any I have ever seen.


I turn. He is standing there, calm as always, but a tear is slowly tracking its way down one cheek. "R - Rezo-sama..." I stutter, wondering in horror what he will think of me now.

And, even in my Astral form - my only form now - my ribs creak as he wraps me in a strong embrace. "I'm sorry," he whispers into my hair. "I'm sorry I left you alone. I'm sorry I led you to this."

"Rezo-sama..." I breathe. "It's not your fault. I chose my own path. I made my own mistakes."

His arms loosen about my and I pull back a little. It is then that I notice, and bitterness lodges in my stomach. "Rezo-sama, even after all this... your eyes are still closed?"

Briefly, an odd smile touches his face, and then... he opens his eyes.

I was right.

His eyes are beautiful.

Author's Epilogue

Film rolls to a close. Sil 'flips' the lights on.

Harukami: So, whaddya think?

Amelia: It was... it was...

Zelgadis: dryly Short?

Harukami: You jerk! Is that ALL you have to say?

Amelia: I thought it was really nice, Harukami-san!

Harukami: Nice. NICE?!

Amelia: shrinking back Yes... nice...

Harukami: And how about you, Valgarv?

Valgarv continues to stare dazedly, hair and clothes ruffled.

Harukami: VALGARV?

Valgarv: Huh, uh... yeah, I agree entirely.

Harukami: You... throws bookcase at Valgarv's head. It bounces off and breaks in two.

Valgarv: Ow.

Sylphiel: It was sweet. giggle

Harukami: sobbing by now Sweet? Just sweet?

Haruka: Very cute.

Michiru: A lot of emotion.

Harukami: Thanks for the CONSTRUCTIVE sarcastic criticism.

Silhouette: Oh, just take what you can get. Sucks on milkshake.

Harukami: to readers You'll give me more constructive comments, right? Tell me what you think honestly, the good and the bad. Email me with the truth here!

Xelloss: You don't want to hear their honest opinions.

Harukami: I dooooo...

Xelloss: You can't handle it. Sometimes the truth hurts, you know.

Harukami: You know, I'd learn better from you if you would encourage me once in a while.

Xelloss: I'll encourage you to write more steamy stuff with me in it.

Harukami: ignoring last comment I mean, complements would be nice.

Xelloss: "Pain teaches with more skill than joy." A wise man said that.

Harukami: Who?

Xelloss: Me.

Minna: It figures.