Welcome to this little background bit... where I demonstrate ability to draw while on the bus or surrounded by little kids. See, I haven't had the mental patience to work on the next part of Warren and the Carpenter just yet. HOWEVER, in the month of July, I had a volunteer job at the Children's Museum taking care of little kids. In my spare time, or on the many bus trips... I'd draw. Some random, some Theatre des Espoirs, some of my angelic/demonic characters and... Warren and Kashi. Some were in character, some... VERY out of character. Here they are, for good or bad.

Here we see me attempting to draw Kashi looking coy. ^^;; Some kid caught sight of this at work and said (I quote), "EW! NO SHIRT!".

Random, ne? I thought it was cute. I drew this on one of the days the kids were taken on a field trip with nobody telling me first... But I'm not bitter.

Meet Leon Chiyoi, Kashi's father. As you can see by the completely half-assed text beside it, he's an incubus. That does mean, yes, that Kashi's half-incubus. Don't tell anybody. Poor Leon... he's got an aura of 'I'm sexy, bang me' to Kashi's aura of 'I'm cute, snuggle me'. This means he doesn't leave the house much.

Terrible Master Kashi. I also drew this one at work. ^^;; As the text says, don't listen to Malice Mizer's 'Illuminati' while drawing cute, lovable characters or this might happen.

My attempt to draw a realistic Kashi based on my classes in school on portrait drawing. Unfortunately, my portrait class was SELF-portrait, so you might notice that all my characters' facial shapes look similar. Hell.

Please remember that while I draw these 'realistic' drawings, I was distracted by little kids all the time and had no real models. I'd like a model...

When I first drew this his lips were too thin. So I thickened them and, uh, yes. I shouldn't have thickened them... cries

I enjoyed this one, giving my characters a softer look, even if I did nearly get kicked out of work until I explained they weren't girls. And my mother's only comment on this picture: "BISHOUNEN."

Kimi no boku no Bunny Love? And I KNOW it looks bad, but that's a CARROT!

Mistakes: Attempting to SD an incubus. It didn't work with Chandi, and it didn't work with Leon. And yes, he does wear flannel checkered shirts.

I drew this one while sitting outside one terribly hot day while thinking about how this manga was NOT going to be angsty and someone challenged me to draw the characters recognizable as the same characters a few pages earlier. This is about as angsty as the manga's going to get...a hot day.

I scribbled this in the halls and fell in love with Kashi's facial expression section one. Gawd, I want a plushie of that boy with that expression...

A picture of Yukie. 'Nuff said.

Warren, Kashi, and a piggy-back ride. I just wanted to do something fun and happy-genki in a non-sugar high way. Oddly, I should have a watercolour of this by next Febuary, for an art ISP.

And... that's all for now!

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