By Harukami
Note: Chibi-Usa has the power of Pegasus but the transformation from S. This is deliberate to extend the horror. Forgive me, minna. email the author at

The arena is quiet except for curious whispers. This is the first fight where the names of the contestants were not published in the fliers.

Haruka: Uh, hello.

Mumbling rises and falls, everyone surprised at the self-assured EmCee's quiet greeting.

Haruka: We have a guest EmCee announcing with us, due to popular request. Most of you will remember him from last battle. The sarcasm drips from her voice ever-so-perfect Minamino Shuuichi, AKA Kurama.

Kurama: Yo.

Michiru: hissing whisper Haruka... NO JEALOUSY FITS.

Haruka: under her breath I know, I know. normal speaking voice Anyways, I'm sure you're all glad to hear him.

Hoard of fans: Shuuichi-san! Shuuichi! Minamino-san! We love you!

Haruka: How come you get all the cute girls?!?

Michiru: Ara....

Kurama: under his breath You can have them.

Haruka: Uh, no, Michiru, don't take it like tha... AAH NO NO TICKLING... hehehehehe...

Kurama: Uh... since the other EmCee is obviously busy at this time, I guess I have the honour of announcing the contestants.

Fans: Shuuichi-san! Minamino-san!

Hiei: in crowd Stupid humans...

Haruka: ARRGH NONONONONONONo... you didn't have to stop...

Michiru: evilly Sou...

Kurama: trying to speak over the sound of laughter and shouting The contestants... well, I'm sure you'll be able to bear it. First, Tsukino Chibi-Usa or Sailor Chibi-Moon!

The crowd is silent with horror then begins booing

Kurama: Chibi-Usa is the future princess of Crystal Tokyo. Her powers are mainly love based and involve a lot of... pink. There are rumours that she is involved with a flying horse.

Chibi-Usa: nearly in tears at the booing He isn't REALLY a horse...

Kurama: And the second contestant, Princess Sasami of Jurai, also known as Magical Girl Pretty Sammy!

Sammy poses. The crowd boos louder.

Kurama: Uh... Sammy is the youngest princess of Planet Jurai, and a wandering benign magician. Her powers are also mainly love based.

Haruka: having recovered It's the battle of cuteness! The question is not whether the fighters will survive but whether the crowd will!

Kurama: Actually, as a pre-cursor to the fight, they offered to transform for us. Let's see what they've got!

Haruka: under her breath Bad choice of words.

Chibi-Usa holds up a broach. MOON PRISM POWER, MAKE UP! She cavorts around in spinning hearts, leaving many of the crowd retching

Sasami throws a gem into the air and a cabbit leaps into the air, becoming an... ahem, magic rod. Her transformation is much the same as Chibi-Usa's, but anatomically correct. Most of the crowd is unconcious now.

Kurama: Excuse me... sounds of throwing up

Haruka: much more cheerful I've survived this before, remember, folks. Now, Contestants... fight!

Bell: Clang...g...g... with a whimper, it dies

Chibi-Moon poses I am the Pretty Sailor Suited Warrior for Love and Justice! In the name of the future Moon, I'll punish you!

Usagi: in crowd She isn't content with just stealing my title and hair-do... oh, no, she has to steal my whole shtick as well...

Sammy: I am Magical Girl Pretty Sammy! giggles I'll wake you up to the power of love! She waves her... ahem, magic rod, and says a magic word, and she has everything she needs... actually, she casts a love spell just as Chibi-moon goes to one knee, pulling out her Crystal Clarion and shouting:

Chibi-Moon: Onegai, Pegasusu, Minna no yume mamote! Twinkle YELL!

Just as Pegasus appears in the air above her, obviously unsure of how to react since Sailor Moon wasn't there with her kalidoscope to charge up, the love spell hits Chibi-Moon. She launches herself into the air with a squeal of delight and attatches herself to Pegasus's neck.

Chibi-Moon: Pegasus! Aishiteru!

Pegasus: very bishounen voice... especially for a horse with wings Beautiful lady... aren't you in the middle of a fight?

Chibi-Moon: censored the fight!

Haruka: Didn't even know she knew that word!

Pretty Sammy: jumping up and down in delight I won, I won!

Pegasus: Beautiful lady, use my horn.

Chibi-Moon: giggles If you'll turn human, I'd be glad to use any part of you you want!

Pegasus: blushes and turns into the bishounen Helios No, no, lady, the one on my head! The Golden Crystal!

Chibi-Moon: Oh... that one... Reaches and holds the golden horn extending from Helios's head Moon... Crystal... Power... A golden glow appears and strikes against Sasami's hastily erected shield

Hiei: in crowd This is stupid. Pulls off wards from arm

Kurama: No, Hiei, don't, you'll fry the audience!


A raging black dragon rises from his arm and destroys the entire arena... along with Kurama's fan club... then launches itself and eats Pretty Sammy. Helios turns into Pegasus again and flies to behind the EmCee's booth, carrying Chibi-Moon to safety. The Kokoryuuha, now on a sugar high, flips hyperly above the arena before eventually returning to Hiei's arm.

Haruka: Uh... I guess the winner must be Chibi-Usa...

Kurama: Way to go, Hiei!

Hiei: blushes Hn!

Haruka: So what is there between you, anyway?

Kurama: The same thing that's between you and Michiru.

Haruka: Oh, 'nothing'?

Kurama: Yes, precisely, 'nothing'...

Michiru: Ara, Haruka, that's cruel... kissing noises

Kurama: Ah, yes. clears throat For those of you still alive... I'll send a healer right away.

The audience... or what's left of it... moans in pain.


Hm... I'm always glad to accept ideas for fighters if you tell me...

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