By Harukami

Author's note: Hey all! You came back! counts profits from last arena You love me! You really love me! (Crowd: Booo! throws rotten cabbage get on to the good stuff!) Okay, okay. I own none of these people except Shade and Harukami.
Warning: This is a mindless piece of fluff -- didn't you figure that out from the last one? Also, some homosexuality... it's not my fault that these people keep making me write about them! And gomen, Hi no Miko, but if you had to go, you'd like to go by being eaten by one of Kurama's plants, ne? Almost as good as being eaten by Kurama himself! (Ecchi! Fried that is!) Anyways, no one dies in the arena, so it's not permanent. (Actually, Hi, I don't think you could die, the belief of the bishonen keeps you going...) Wah, my current email's! I love email so do it!

The crowd has put away its cabbage and settled back to watch another weird fight.

Haruka's familiar tones: Hi everybody! Welcome to the second ever gladiatorial fight here at the arena! I'm Tenoh Haruka, and I'm announcing again, due to having beaten up the opposition.

Michiru's voice: hissing no, no no no no...

Haruka:.. I mean, being voted back in for being so popular. But you wouldn't want a ditz like Caldina announcing, would you?

Caldina's voice: I am not a ditz! Am not bopping sound am not more bops am NOT! clang, thud.

Haruka: Anyway, on with the fight! Music please, love.

A funky beat starts up, followed with a scary violin

Haruka: Today's song is Nightmare, because I was paid a lot of money...

Michiru: No, no no no no...

Haruka: I mean, requested this song by one of the contestants! It's the battle of the plant freaks! First, Kurama AKA Minamino Shuuichi, whose image song you're hearing.

A gorgeous bishonen redhead steps out of the door on one side of the arena. He holds up a blood-red rose to his lips and smiles.

Haruka: Kurama is a fox demon, reborn into the body of a human after being wounded by a spirit hunter... who is that?!

A woman with her brown hair done up in two braids circling the sides of her head and wearing a red, split-side dress with yin and yang on the front has lept onto the arena.

Woman: I am Mamo no Hunter Yohko and I am here to kill this demon, who should not be living on this earth...

Haruka: You're not due to fight today! Maybe in a few weeks with Hiei, but not yet! Security!

A purple-haired bishounen runs on to the arena and punts the girl into orbit. He poses a few times, showing off his muscles, then giggles, throws kisses at the audience, and runs off.

Haruka: Thank you. That was a strange coincidence, since a fox demon is a Youko kitsune... Youko meaning evil spirit, but anyways... Kurama is a Spirit World detective and has fought in several tournaments already, not run by us, of course. He has amazing plant control, and, you might notice, the exact same voice as me.

Michiru: Sexy.

Haruka: NANI?!

Michiru: innocently Your voice, of course, Ruka-koi.

Haruka: Oh. composes herself Here's an interesting rumor... most people believe he's yaoi with some other demon named Hiei!

Kurama laughes sexily and throws his rose into the crowd. It lands in the lap of a small man with spiky black hair and red eyes. He stares at it for a moment, then snarls, pushes it off his lap, and glares at anyone looking at him.

Haruka: Of course, that's nobody's business but his own, right?

Crowd: as one Wrong!

Dark-haired girl in crowd: Of course! But even so, Hiei's so gorgeous... I love you Hiei!

She runs towards the man with red eyes. Kurama frowns and a weed eats the girl.

Haruka: laughs nervously Um, yeah. Anyways, the other contestant is Fiore, from the same anime I'm from! Sailor Moon. Fiore is a man of weak will but good fighting power. He's actually an alien, but don't let that bias you against him. He knew Mamoru as a child and became a little obsessed with him afterward... loved him in a way Mamoru didn't.

Fiore: Are you trying to take my Mamoru away from me?!

Haruka: What would I do with him? So, Fiore also has plant control, and a good amount of power as it is, without the Kisenian Flower's influence. Yes folks, the rumors are true, Tuxie DOES use his roses as an attack to commemorate his friendship with Fiore! Onto the fight!

Bell: ding!!

Kurama pulls out another rose. Fiore points at him accusingly.

Fiore: You! You're trying to take Mamoru away from me, aren't you?!

Kurama: sweat drop Er... no. Rose Whip!

His rose's leaves spin off, and the stem extends into a long whip with very sharp, long thorns sticking out of it.

Fiore: That's supposed to scare me? He extends a hand and energy blasts out towards Kurama, making the air go hazy. Kurama barely has time to put up his hands in a warding position and even so, he ends up sliding back a few feet and with burns on his body.

Kurama leaps into the air and his whip flashes through the air in a beautiful dance. Fiore starts to bleed from a few wounds.

Kurama: First blood. he smirks

Fiore: Kisama... He pulls a sword out of thin air and jumps towards Kurama, slicing and jumping back neatly. Kurama manages to twist out of the majority of the blow, but he was still injured.

Kurama throws a seed at him but it bounces off a hastily erected shield.

Fiore: You think you could get me that easily?

Kurama smirks and the seed grows into a huge, slavering plant... the demon-eater. It examines Fiore for a few moments, then turns back towards Kurama, heading towards him.

Kurama: Whups. Laughs nervously and banishes the plant. I forgot... you're an alien, not a demon.

Kurama has been so wrapped up in the banishment that he looks up just as Fiore stabbs him with blades that emerged from his fingertips. Kurama falls to his knees.

Haruka: Is the favoured fighter falling? she snickers at this

Kurama is doubled over his wound, when a hazy mist gathers about him. His hair begins to turn silver, and fox ears poke up through them. He stands, and he's suddenly a LOT taller, about seven feet, and his eyes glint gold coldly.

Haruka: No! He's turned into his Youko form! This is unexpected, but the crowd is loving it!

Kurama reaches up into his hear, fox tail swishing, and pulls out numerous seeds. He tosses them at Fiore and vines wind around the alien, faster than he can slice through them. Another seed and Fiore stiffens, then goes limp.

Kurama fades back into his human form.

Kurama: Don't worry, he's only sleeping.

Haruka: Great show, Kurama! I hope Hiei congradulates you too. laughter throughout the crowd.

Kurama: brightens visably Oh yeah! Hiei! Hiei? Where are you? Hiei is no longer in the crowd. Kurama searches for a while, then sighs and heads back to the rest of the Urameshi Team.

Haruka: Again, thank you all and good night!

Before she has a time to turn off the mic, Michiru's voice speaks.

Michiru: Oh, look, Ruka, that Kurama fellow sent me some roses!

Haruka: snarling Oh, really? pause OW! The damn things bit me!

Michiru: You're so jealous! They wouldn't have if you hadn't flicked them with your finger.

Haruka: They're viscious creatures!

Michiru: Hm! Be that way! sound of clicking heels receding

Haruka: Umm... Michi-koi... I didn't mean it like that... come back... you can keep them if you want... um, Michi?

voice fades into distance.

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