Another MST!! Where Zelgadis denies everything!

LinaX sits with her sister on the black leather couch, Zel, Xelloss, and shock o shocks Valgarv is brought in.

LinaX: Well here we go, all the boy-o's!!

*LinaX hits the on switch and the movie starts a rolling!


I am the voice inside your head and I control you

I am the lover in your bed and I control you

I am the sex that you provide and I control you

I am the hate you try to hide and I control you


Gods damn his hide! Sitting there, looking so smug. I feel the familiar urge to bash his face in.

Zel: Then Why don't I? Just bash his ugly little face and then…

Val: Then you can rip off his fucking arms and beat him to death!

LinaX: Boys, shut up!!

Why this compulsion to hurt you so, Trickster? You twisted bastard, smiling at a joke only you understand. One of these days I'll beat it out of you, I swear. What are you looking at, anyway? We can never tell, since you so rarely open your eyes.

Your eyes….

So beautiful they are, even if they are unnatural.

Zel: NANI?!! I'm getting attracted to him?!! BAKA!

Miss N: Oh Zelly it's just a story…

Xelloss bats his eyes at Zel: lets make it real my darling!!


Perhaps I recognize their unnaturalness as something that is within my own self. Like gems, gleaming with hidden treasures. Would you relinquish those sweet treasures to me, I wonder?

No! I am not having these thoughts!

Zel: Damn straight I'm not!!!!

You are an annoyance, nothing more. But then why do I have these thoughts at all; why do I find myself nursing sweet, forbidden fantasies about you? What is it that attracts me to you? Is it the cursed demon in my own soul, recognizing kin? Gods damn it, I don't know. Perhaps you could tell me…

Zel turns on Miss N: What were you on when you wrote this!!  God knows I do NOT find HIM attractive!!

Xelloss grins: Me thinks you protest too much!

LinaX: Sides Zel there are A LOT of fics where you and Xelloss knock boots…

Zel: Giku!

I take you where you want to go

I give you all you need to know

I drag you down I use you up

Mr. Self Destruct


Are you looking at me, Zelgadis? Yare yare… is that a phantom gleam of desire I see in those azure eyes of yours? So like ice you are…. I bet I could melt you. You don't know what to make of me, do you? The human in you recoils from my essential evil, but the demon in you is attracted to it. You would love to see me bleeding and dead, yet you need me, whether you like it or not. I can lead you places, tell you things. I can teach you…

 Xelloss turns to Zel and jumps in his lap: I can teach you about sex and LOVE and all the KINKY things in the world!!

*Xelloss gets kicked across the room

Zel: fruitcake

I speak religion's message clear and I control you

I am denial, guilt and fear and I control you

I am the prayers of the naïve and I control you

I am the lie that you believe and I control you

 *LinaX and Miss N get down and funky to Trent's voice!!

A priest. Feh. Some priest. Although I suppose technically it is true. To think that we believed you at first…! It makes me sick, this talent for acting that you possess. You could get practically anybody to buy into your charade. A small child runs up to you, tugging on your robes. You lean down and scoop her up, tickling her under the chin and making her laugh with you.

Valgarv: And then he FUCKING MOLESTERS HER!

Xelloss confused: So now I'm a pedophile??

I see the barely perceptible tightening of Gourry's jaw and I understand that even he does not trust you with this innocent. You are not what you appear. You are evil, feeding off our most negative feelings. Pain to you is exquisite.

 Xelloss: I like pain!

All: We can tell!!

I take you where you want to go

I give you all you need to know

I drag you down I use you up

Mr. Self Destruct


Isn't she a cutie!! I tickle the girl,

Valgarv: See he is a fucking CHILD MOLESTER!!!

relishing the fear of the mother as she sees a stranger holds her child. Then she relaxes when she recognises my garb as that of a priest. I have to smile at this. Humans are so gullible! Oh Zelgadis, what is that look for? You don't trust me with the girl? After all we've been through together! I give the girl back to her mother with a charming smile, and they both return it. The girl waves gaily as she is carried off. I have a way with children.

Xelloss: Yare yare, I really do seem to be a pedophile in this story….

I turn to face you, Zelgadis, still smiling. You snort and look away.

LinaX: Zel? You snort??

Zel: NO! *grumbles

Why don't you come a little closer to me, let me feel the faint heat that emanates through that stone skin of yours? I could show you the affection you yearn for, you know…

 Miss N: Ooooh here we go, we're getting into the kinky stuff…

I am the needle in your vein and I control you

I am the high you can't sustain and I control you

I am the pusher I'm a whore and I control you

I am the need you have for more and I control you


Damn him! In the flickering light of the fire I swear he looked at me, his eyes glowing with some erotic suggestion. Damn him! That look is caught in my mind like a fishhook, tugging me in directions I don't want to explore… Liar. I do want to explore these dark avenues of pleasure, I want to explore you. Bastard. Stop taunting me, because I know you are! Give me what I want…


I am the bullet in the gun and I control you

I am the truth from which you run and I control you

I am the silencing machine and I control you

I am the end of all your dreams and I control you


But to be with you is death. You can only bring death, it’s in your nature. Dark, cavorting evil. That grin of yours just hides horrible secret deeds done in the dead of night. And part of me is just like you. Bastard! The temptation is great… but what would become of me if I gave in?

Val: You would be one fucked up chimera… 

I take you where you want to go

I give you all you need to know

I drag you down I use you up

Mr. Self Destruct


There. You've left the fire, Zelgadis, coming my way. Here, into my arms. Yes….

Zel: NO!

Now you belong to me.

*Zel gets up and begins to rant and rave

Zel: Nononononononononononononooooo

LinaX: Whoo-boy we could be in for a looooooong night of denile…..:P 

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