the Domestic Fucker Family - Springer Style! by MetalFaerie

Gackt's Snake - Manga by Jess

Mana or Elvis? - Manga by Jess

Izam-Chu. - Pure Evil by Hila

by N!

Schoolgirl Kyo - By request, for MetalFaerie.

I can only dream. - With a Harukami cameo!

Twiggy VS Toshiya - I could very well get my ass kicked for saying so but, there are a few similarities between ShockRock group Marilyn Manson and Dir en grey.


Gackt molesting fruit. - I've been told that's a "very ripe fig."

Toshiya and Kyo. - sent to me by MetalFaerie

"Join the J-Rock Side, Luke..." - Die and Boba Fett are pals, man. They go out drinkin after those mad Tatooine sunsets. Picture a gift by Ten Phen.

Gackt in the rain? - from Floyd1927@aol.com