The following sites have REAL information about various J-Rockers. If it weren't for these sites, I would have nothing to make fun of. Then I'd cry. Then you'd laugh. Bastards.

Official Sites

Dir en grey Official Site

Malice Mizer

General J-Rock

The Japanese Channel - although it will never be updated again, it still has great stuff. Gee, the name reminds me of something... - JRocker webring. Probably give you more links than I ever could.

Personal Faves

Tattered Cloth - a Dir en Grey Shrine

Invasion Dream - a site about indies bands by the same woman who does Tattered Cloth. (very cool chick)

The Lighter Side of Black - Fuckin' FUNNY.

+poison~ - More Dir en grey. Interviews!

The Blue Sky Complex - Lots of J-Rock. Videos, reveiws and other good stuff.

Secret World of Malice Mizer - again, no more updates but still a good site.

Visual Kei on the Rocks - J-Rock webcomic!