N - Creator and maintainer of this horrible atrocity of a page. Most of the writing, drawings and bad html are done by her. You can blame her for any mental trauma brought on by reading this crap but she refuses to pay your therapy bills. N's future plans include avoiding being terminated by Izam and his evil empire.
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Shawnibuya - N's unfortunate kin. This talented little monkey colours drawings and helps N think of new reasons to make fun of Gackt. Shawnibuya is also the one who named the site because N is retarded. Her future goals include amassing a huge collection of chibis which she will make do unwholesome things to each other.
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MetalFaerie - A talented and very funny girl who met N through a NIN Yaoi forum. When she's not making fun of how chubby Trent gets when he's not touring, MetalFaerie mercilessly mocks Dir en Grey through art and the written word. Her future plans include becoming the Jhonen Vasquez of JRock fandom and making Kyo her personal midget slave. metalfaerie@hotmail.com

Writer - A close persnal friend of N's, the Writer is possibly the only person ever to actually TRULY enjoy Shazna. She was the only person insane enough to go with N to a strange country, so that should give you an idea of how mentally unstable she can be. Her future goals include kidnapping Japanse Pop-God Gackt and doing unmentiobale things to him involving dessert toppings.
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website (cool j-rock fiction resides here!): Blood and Candy

Meathead - Doesn't even know N exists, but it was from him that N was inspired to create this page. Visit his site The Meathead Perspective for swell NIN humour.

N would like to thank the following people for inadvertantly helping her with this project: Darla (for getting me into J-Rock and especially Deg), Harukami, Writer, Tochira, various ML humanoids, Joel, Jesse, Diibish, Mom, all the people who run REAL J-Rock sites, and Godzilla (for being there when it counts).