In the past month I've actually recieved e-mail from people telling me how much they enjoy this stupid site. This is sort of like random stangers coming up to you to compliment you on a really nice fart, only less creepy. Anyhow, the point is that YOU people out there give me a reason to update! So if you like the site, please, let me know. Or better yet, force your friends and family to read it at gunpoint.

Now onto today's feature.


You people out there might be saying, "N-chan, have you lost your mind? Mullets have NOTHING to do with J-Rock! Stop shooting up the sour-cream you steal from hobos!" Or maybe you're just sitting there reading this and eating Doritos. I could really go for some Doritos right now... I'm oh so very hungry. I bought a chimichanga from the store the other day at like, three in the morning. They taste okay if you manage to keep your mind off of what might be IN them.

Anyhow, getting back to how mullets have EVERYTHING to do with JRock...

With the release of Dir en grey's Kisou there was also the release of the band's new look. Toshiya looked like an adorable slut, Kaoruand Die look badass and Shinya appears to be getting ready for a very cold winter. Kyo is covered in Tourniqet-style flakes and looking fugly as usual but there was something that came as a shock to me.

Dead silence lay over my apartment as I looked again. Then..
"Is that a fucking MULLET?!"

Yes boys and girls, Dir en grey's frightening lead was sporting what can only be described as a braided mullet. This image sent me into gales of hysterical laughter for a good fifteen minutes.

Now, I had always assumed that mullets were a strictly North American thing created by Jerry Springer guests. So I was shocked at this photo, as well as frightened and nauseated. Maybe, I reasoned, it had somehting to do with 'The Domestic Fucker Family.' Some sort of hick-joke, I dunno. But then I got to wondering if any other J-Rockers had ever had the bad sense to sport a mullet. And so I embarked on a search.

Kouichi of Laputa



The mullets have invaded Japan! For chrissakes wake up Godzilla to thrash this new menance! After gibbering like this for a while, I calmed down and started wondering WHY in the name of all that is holy any J-Rocker would have the horrible sense to get his hair cut in such a way. Then it hit me...
They all wish they were as cool as Archie.



That's a sweet mullet.