Yesterday I was online and I was randomly accosted by a 15-year-old girl who demanded I update this site. "Well," I said, "I had a great article about Gackt's new video game planned."
"Yeah. But every time someone asks me to update, I push back the update date by a week. Congrats."

I've said it on the site before, and yet people STILL ask me routinely to update the goddamn site. The rude ones ask me for reasons as to WHY I haven't updated. Then I'm stuck explaining that I run several goddamn websites and besides that fact actually have to do things like go to work sometimes.

Besides that fact, I'll be honest... I've really just stopped caring so much.

I still like JRock. However, the stuff I've heard lately just doesn't grab me the way it used to. More so, I've noticed that the same thing that happened to me with anime is happening with JRock...

The fans are scaring me off.

For every one intelligent, cool JRock fan I meet online I meet about seven fuckwits who are interested solely in the genre because the musicians are "sooooooooo hot." It's very, very annoying. I've also started recieving unsolicited guest articles from people I've NEVER MET, and that's just damn rude.

All of this has combined to force me into a final decision: I will no longer be updating this site. I'll leave it up because I think some of the articles were pretty amusing and I'd be pleased if they entertained people I'll never meet, but there will be no more new articles. And don't bother e-mailing or IMing me asking me to change my mind because you'll just further convince me I made the right decision.

However, I won't leave you empty-handed. The Writer, who wrote some guest articles for the Flannel, now has her OWN J-Mock page here. She gets the official Flannel stamp of approval, so you can start bugging her instead of me. Leave me the hell alone, especially if you're not old enough to buy beer yet.

One last thank-you to all my loyal ninja spies. It was fun while it lasted.