Two things.

One: Thanks to Indacelio, who hooked me up with the entire Moi Dix Moi album. His bouncing-anime-boobie icon on AOHell is quite a marvel, might I add.

Two: Now, this may come as a surprise, but I have many other interests besides JRock. Whenever something amusing and JRock related comes to mind I try and update the site as soon as I get a chance. I do not drop everything I'm already working on just because I think it would be funny to post pictures of my Dir en grey Sims setting Shinya on fire.

Now, I'm going to let you all in on a little secret concerning getting me to update more often... Asking "when are you gonna update the Flannel?" does not work. As a matter of fact, nagging me about updating is a sure-fire way to make sure I WON'T update in the near future. I've put off today's update for several days just because a few strangers on AIM told me I should update the site.

(Another note: I like feedback, I do. Feel free to msg me on AIM, but when you do please let me know WHAT site you're talking about. I run two others and I never know if a random human being is referring to my wit and charm on the Flannel or to my highly distrubing online comic or what.)

Contact me on AIM at decadentmazohyst, especially if you have info concerning the JRock world you think I might not know. You too can be an official Flannel Ninja Spy!

Onto today's article...

One of my many Ninja Spies contacted me recently. As we all know, Gackt is an unstoppable force of nature that's destroying Japan, and he's recently decided that he can act. Not only does this 'acting' extend to live-action films, but apparantly also to the realm of animation.

'Good God,' you say. 'Gackt in an ANIME? Doubtless he must be playing a homo-erotic vampire with a tragic life. Er, Un-life. Whatever.'

Oh, NO, friends and neighbours. The name of the anime Gackt's starring in may be familiar to some of you...

Fist of the North Star.

Uh-huh. Sit back and absorb that.

My god. What will Koyasu Takehito DO about this? After all, Gackt is now impinging on HIS territory! I think I smell another Godzilla VS Rodan scale battle, here...

To see a picture of Gackt's character, go here and scroll down.

Gackt is playing a steroid-popping-albino named Seiji. Yeah, he is, as far as I can tell, playing a Bad Guy. While I can't deny Gackt is scary, I don't really think of him as menacing.

Yep. I can see the recording process now...

Gackt: Now you will DIE, Fist! ... Oh, FIST. I get it. That's dirty. *sexy voice* I like it that way...

Director: Dammit Gackt, the hero's name is NOT 'Fist!' Read the damn script.

Gackt: I think my character should have a solo here. A song about... my crotch and someone crying.

See? It just doesn't work. When I think "homicidal tough-guy" I just do not automatically think of Gackt. But then again, maybe I'm being too hard on the anoerexic pretty boy...

After all, Gackt's BADASS.



"Fist of the North Star" sounds like an X-Men slashfic