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Anyhow. I got this in my Inbox today...

From: "Jay" | This is Spam | Add to Address Book
Subject: a small jrock question to the wonderful N-chan
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 12:04:33 -0500

Ummm, Ive been reading Japanese flannel for a while, so I thought that maybe you were the person to ask this question to…

How do I get rid of the constant sound in my head that is Shazna?
I admit, one day I got curious and downloaded a couple Shazna songs… I cant get them out of my head!

This stuff is more pop-ey than TM Revolution……..


Jay (geni_5000)

So you made the mistake of listening to Shazna. Painful, isn't it? Well, never fear my darlings, your good old Auntie N is here to save what's left of your minds from the destructive sugar-pop that is the Devil Izam. I present for you now a list of ways to get Shazna songs out of your head, in order from least drastic measure to most.

1) Listen to something else. Pick something with nary a trace of pop to it, like Aioria or Blam Honey. Yeah, go with Blam Honey. That shit should shake the sugar from your brain, and possibly loosen your teeth in the process.

2) Plug your ears and chant. I suggest a positive mantra like "Izam will die horribly" or "When I grow up I wanna eat live puppie slike Kyo does."

3) Listen to something else... MORE annoying. This is hard to accomplish. I suggest "Panic" by The Smiths. Of course, the drawback to this method is that nine times out of ten the new song gets stuck in your head, and once you have Morrisey in your brain you may as well just kill yourself.

4) Jam Q-tips into your ears. Really hard. Hopefully the pain from rupturing your eardrums will distract you from the song. Also it prevents you from ever hearing another.

5) Brain surgery. A skilled neurosurgeon can cut away the part of your brain that has the Shazna song imprinted on it. This procedure is a tad on the pricey side, so you may have to sell your crack stash.

6) Death. Yeah, this SHOULD work. Of course, there's always the chance your soul will retain memory of the song and you'll spend the afterlife wandereding around, shunned, muttering "Melty Love" to yourself.



I'm listening to The Smiths RIGHT NOW.