Despite the random e-mails and IMs I get from people threatening to beat the shit out of me, I find that I honestly just cannot stop making fun of Gackt. He makes it WAY too easy. So you rabid Gackt-fangirls are shit out of luck because I will never come round to thinking that Gackt is in fact God. (That's Andrew Eldritch, sillies.)

Writer, a good friend of mine who was insane enough to go to a foreign country with me, sent me an intereting link recently. Seems there's more information out there about Gackt and Hyde's big-screen debut. And hoooo boy is some of it 'special.'

I will be stealing quotes from this lovely little website devoted to Moon, which you can visit in it's full glory here. I'm assuming their info is valid.

First of all, I don't really like Hyde. I classify his music as "wuss-rock." But I had no idea he was a FREAK too.

"We want to make a movie that even though you're not really that interested, you would still go watch it." - Hyde

Let's all just pause a minute and stare at that statement. I mean really, re-read it. Yeah. I don't think I have to SAY anything after that.

The site gives us some information about the director and cast. Oh, guess what the director mostly directs? Happy family flicks? True-to-life dramas? Home movies starring his dog Bowser in a party hat? Noooooo.


So really, he's PERFECT for a movie starring Gackt "I can't quite seem to keep my clothes on" Camui. Who, by the way, has proven that he is in fact a scary stalker-man. Apparantly Hyde didn't want to be in this movie initially but Gackt went to his house and convinced him otherwise. With the help of super-stealth-ninja-spies, I've managed to get some footage of this event and have recreated it for you here:

Gackt: *knockknockknock*

Hyde: *hair in curlers* What?

Gackt: Would you like to buy some girl-scout cookies?

Hyde: Gackt-san? Why are you in a skirt...?

Gackt: Don't my calves loot hot?

Hyde: *tries closing the door*

Gackt: Wait! Hyde, you know that script you were sent?

Hyde: Yeah. My blind, senile grandmother could write a better story.

Gackt: You have to play the part of Kei!

Hyde: Oh, I dunno...

Gackt: Look, I didn't come for business. I simply like your character. Just don't worry about how to answer to me thinking in "Business" matter. If you're interested, interested in this movie, in myself also... It's just that.

Hyde: ...

Gackt: I'll give you a blowjob.

Hyde: Deal.

Yeah. Gackt's hot for Hyde's sweet ass. I mean, seriously. This was said at a press conferance...
Gackt: I believe that it was the destiny that I have met Hyde, and he said so too.
Hyde: I was sleeping. And when I woke up, Ga-chan's face was just in front of my face, and he said, "Oh, I wanted to kiss you!". I was surprised!
Gackt: fufufu.....(laughing) He is so pretty. Even man falls in love with him.

SURE Gackt. EVERY man.

I figured out why Gackt is so hot for Hyde, tho...




does it count as masturbation then?