Running 'the Japanese Flannel' is an interesting job. Aside from paying exactly $0, there are lots of perks and fringe benefits. One such perk is that strangers will randomly contact me to ask me what exactly it is I have against Gackt and to threaten to kick my ass. Apparantly Gackt is in fact the second Christ and I've been too busy to notice that we've entered the End Times and I have been unknowigly making fun of the Saviour.

Another perk is the fact that because of my important position in the J-Rock world I am privy to all sorts of secret information about various bands and individuals. For example, I knew long before the rest of the world that the original singer for Kagrra was in fact a midget with a percodan addiction.

Recently a top-secret photograph fell into my grubby little hands. It seems that one of my contacts had aquired this photograph from his/her best friend's cousin's brother-in-law who works as a housekeeper in Japan who found the photo while rummaging through a certain J-Rocker's underwear drawer and sniffing all the frilly things. It was tucked safely behind a Gackt plushie with needles jammed in the eyes. My contact, whom we will call "suatre", assures me that this photograph is absolutely genuine and has never been revealed to the public.

Now, we've all seen pictures of our favourite J-Rock bands when they were still little indie bands who couldn't afford elaborate costumes or ten pounds of vinyl. Many of these photos are funny, and no doubt embarassing as hell to the rockers, but none of them are as shocking as the one that has come into my possession.

I knew that this photograph was never meant to be seen by human eyes and that by revealing it to the public I would be greatly increasing the odds of me being shot in the spine. For I had aquired the rarest photograph of all time...

A picture of Mana without makeup.

Rarer than a decent shot of Bigfoot! More unlikely than the Loch Ness monster! Obviously this was a photograph that could mean severe consequences for the one who dared to share it with the public. So I debated whether or not to post it here on the Flannel... Then I had some smores. Then I debated a little more.

I like my spine.

However, after much thought (and more smores) I realised that I have a responibilty to YOU, the people! You have a right to see the truth! Viva la revolution!

So here you go. Remember that the following photograph has not been altered in any way.

And once you see it, you can never UNsee it. Sort of like seeing your Grandma naked.

The world will never be the same again.



I am so full of LIES...

Thanks to Suatre and her brother Sam for the photograph!