Two for the Price of One

Author's note: I know this starts to sound suspicious at the beginning, but stick with it. I ought to mention that this is a Sailor Moon/ Magic Knight Rayearth fanfic. For comments, queries, or just plain rantings at me, e-mail at


Haruka flushed with embarrassment and shame as she silently climbed back into bed. Michiru's warmth had kept the bed cozy.

*I don't even want this!* she moaned mentally. *It makes me feel so dirty... but I just can't seem to stop myself. I think I'm going to be sick.*

She huddled miserably closer to Michiru. The other girl mumbled something in her sleep and rolled over, digging her chin into Haruka's neck. Haruka winced. *Michiru has such a DAMN pointy chin...*

As if sensing Haruka's thoughts, Michiru relaxed more and nuzzled Haruka's neck, a lot less painful. Haruka felt herself blush and was then overwhelmed by shame again.

*I can't even tell her. I keep trying and trying, but my mouth just won't form the words. It's like I'm under a curse...*

Haruka sighed and closed her eyes. It always left her so tired afterwards...


As soon as she felt Haruka fall asleep, Michiru opened her eyes and examined her lover critically. *Hmmm...*

She had wakened in the middle of the night -- around 4 am -- to find her bed empty. And remembering the nightmares (the ones she normally only had when Haruka wasn't around), she suspected that it had been empty nearly every night for the past little while.

Staring at the tear tracks running down Haruka's cheeks, Michiru wondered. *Why does she leave? Is something wrong?* Then, forcing herself to think her greatest fear, *Is Haruka cheating on me?*

*No,* she decided. Haruka wouldn't do that to her. *So what can it be?*

*Well, I'll just stay awake tomorrow night. And then we'll see.*


Haruka crossed her arms and grabbed the bottom of her shirt, stripping for bed. She wasn't looking forward to it. She knew what would happen, just as it had been happening every night...

"Haruka..." Michiru's husky voice jolted Haruka out of her reverie. "Haruka, come to bed."

"Just a minute!" Haruka spent more time brooding.

A minute passed. "Now, Haruka!" Michiru insisted.

Haruka sighed. She dreaded her nights now. Even Michiru couldn't make them better.


Haruka was returned to her room, but didn't get into bed just yet. When she felt her body change back to the way it normally was, she sat on the bed. But before she could pull back the covers, Michiru sat up and just looked at her.

"That was... interesting," Michiru said.

Haruka broke into tears.


"Shh, shh." Michiru pulled Haruka into her arms and rocked her lover back and forth.

Eventually, Haruka calmed down, and then she began to speak.

"It's... awful. I woke up and got out of bed for a midnight snack, and then I felt my body... changing. The next thing I knew, I was trapped in a bubbly place with my hair floating out around me, eyes wide and soulful, in a prayer pose, wearing a frilly white dress, saying," Haruka pitched her voice higher, "'Taskete kono sekai, Densetsu no Magic Knights!' And there was this priest guy, and every time he spoke, my body melted all over, and ew! I think I'm gonna be sick. I feel as though I'm slowly being taken over by this... this Emeraude!"

Michiru was silent for a long time. Just before Haruka was going to whimper her name, she spoke. "I think it's time to call in the big guns."


Pluto was enjoying herself immensely. When you've been around since the beginning of time, you learned to like floating around in a timeless, grey void. Otherwise you get bored. She had debated with herself for many long... well, non-existent... hours whether this was why she was so calm all the time, but had eventually decided, "Who cares?"

Soon, she became aware of a little, nagging voice. "Pluto... Pluto... are you there? You'd better not have taken this off..."

The rings they all wore were more than mere promise rings, of course. It was a pathetic promise if they couldn't get in touch with each other if they needed help for Hotaru.

"I'm here," Pluto responded. "Is something wrong? Where's Hotaru? Is she in danger?"

"Umm... do you count serious danger of her papa turning into a frill?"

"Michiru!!!" Pluto heard Haruka's voice say. Now that Michiru had brought her attention to it, the voice WAS higher than normal.

"Sounds serious," Pluto agreed. "What's going on?"

Pluto listened. When the other girl had finished, Pluto sighed. "It sounds like Haruka has a bad case of Cephiro."

"Come again?"

"In another world, Cephiro, there is a lady who has a spirit with much of the same... well, let's just say they're a lot alike. This lady has, whether conciously or sub-conciously, began to take over Haruka's body. If we don't do something about it soon... BOOM! Haruka's now the Pilliar of Cephiro, unable to do anything but simper while being gloated over by her not-quite-kidnapper/priest/MALE lover."

Pluto could imagine Michiru's jaw tightening. From the tone of her voice when she next spoke, Pluto had been right.

"Fine. What do I have to do?"

"Well..." Pluto said.

"Pluto, you have been like a sister to me for many years now. Do not risk this friendship by making me ask again."


Michiru swung the pendant back and forth, back and forth. Haruka, tranced, watched it.

"You aren't Emeraude no hime," Michiru began.

"I am Emeraude no hime."

"No! You AREN'T Emeraude no hime."

"I am Emeraude no hime."

"You-are-NOT-Emeraude no hime."

"I am Emeraude no hime."

Michiru sighed. She tried another approach. "You are Tenoh Haruka."

"I am not Tenoh Haruka."

"Arrgh! You ARE Tenoh Haruka!"

"I am not Tenoh Haruka."

"I am Kaioh Michiru, am I not?"

"You are Kaioh Michiru," Haruka agreed.

"Kaioh Michiru is Tenoh Haruka's lover."

"Kaioh Michiru is Tenoh Haruka's lover."

"Ara, you are my lover, ne?"

"I am your lover."

"Therefore, you are Tenoh Haruka."

"I am Emeraude no hime."

Michiru's whole body shook with her indignation. Hairs stuck out at odd angles.

Haruka continued to stare blankly into space. A small wind rose out of nowhere and ruffled their hair as silence filled the room.

"This isn't working," Michiru said eventually.

"This isn't working."

"'Mind tricks' Setsuna says! Ha!" Michiru snorted. "This is a complete disaster."

"Setsuna said mind tricks. This is a complete disaster."

"Oh, so NOW you listen to me!"

"Now I listen to you."

"I'm going to snap you out of this in a moment." She paused. "Oh yeah! You will make me a lovely dinner tonight, with candles and everything."

"I will give you a perfect date."

Haruka blinked as she came out of her trance. "Did it work?"

"Why don't you tell me?"

"Taskete ko -- damn!" Haruka punched the table then sighed. "Oh, well. I'm sure you will be able to help me find some way. You've always helped me with all my problems and needs. Would you like a roast for dinner?


"You went on a date with EMERAUDE NO HIME?!?"

"NO!" Michiru hedged. "I went of a date with Haruka."

"Who is being taken over by Emeraude no hime."

"Well, yeah, but..."

Pluto sighed. "Anyways, the point here is that hypnotism didn't work."

"That's right."

"Hmm. Maybe..."


Michiru studied Haruka's sleeping figure before taking a deep breath and whispering:

"Emeraude no hime, you must leave. Haruka is here. You are not Emeraude no hime, but Tenoh Haruka. Not Emeraude, Haruka."

"Mmm..." Haruka muttered. "Zegato-sama..."

"No! You are not Emeraude but Haruka! You love not Zegato-sama but Kaioh Michiru!"

"Ohh..." Haruka moaned, "Zegato-sama... I love you..."


Haruka bounced six feet up in the air with a shriek, and landed on her butt outside the bed. "Ouch!" she said resentfully. "Why did you wake me up? I was dreaming."

"Oh yeah, about what?"

"I... don't remember."

"Stop and think," Michiru commanded.

Haruka did. Her brows furrowed. Slowly, a look of revulsion slid across her features, fell off her chin, and skittered away under the bed. "Ych," she said.

"You love me, of course, don't you, Ruka-love?"

Haruka looked startled. "Of course I... NO!" She suddenly yelled in a much higher tone of voice. "How could I love YOU? I love my darling Zegato-sama, not a woman like you and a nasty one at that --"

Michiru slapped her.

Haruka coughed. "Of course I love you, Michi-darling-honey-love, you are everything to me. My light of hope, reason for existence... why are you crying?"

"Ara," Michiru sobbed, "we've been trying so hard, but nothing seems to be working. I feel like I'm going to see you leave me and I won't be able to do a thing about it! This Emeraude doesn't seem to even care that you're not only Tenoh Haruka but also Princess Haruka and Sailor Uranus... oh..." she trailed off, then began to laugh.

"What is it?" Haruka asked, puzzled.

"It's perfect! Princess Haruka and Sailor Uranus are extensions of your soul, right? Older, and therefore more powerful extensions?"

"Well yes, but... oh, I see..."

"Yes!" Michiru laughed. "NEPTUNE PLANET POWER, MAKE-UP!" She smiled at Haruka after transforming. "Now, transform into Sailor Uranus!"

Haruka nodded and pulled her henshin stick out of nowhere. "URANUS PLANET POWER, MAKE-UP!"

Sinking to her knees, Sailor Uranus clutched at her head. "It's no use... I can still feel her here..."

There was a flash of light, and Neptune was changed into Princess Michiru. "You can do it, Haruka... I know you can..."

Uranus gave a shuddering sigh, and a wash of blue navy sped across her body. "Away, Emeraude!" she cried. "I am Princess Haruka and you have no right to be here!"

There was a high pitched scream, which died away after a moment. Haruka, exhausted, lost her henshin and sunk onto the bed. Michiru gathered the other girl into her arms.

"It's all right now," she said. "She's gone and will never be back. I hope we never have to see this type of thing ever again."

"Michi?" Haruka mumbled. "I love you..." she drifted off into sleep.